Private Dining Room

Please note: 

Discounts and coupons are not valid in the PDR.

All weekly specials are not valid in the PDR.

Happy Hour is not valid in the PDR.

20% gratuity will be included in final bill.

There is a 3% convenience charge for all debit/credit card


Our PDR comfortably seats up to 25 people. It includes two sliding glass doors with curtains that can be shut for privacy, two TVs (we do not provide any cables or equipment), and the flexibility to design the room however you would like.

We do not require a deposit.

However, you must hit a specific dollar amount with a combination of your food and drinks.

For lunch (open–4pm), the minimum is $200.

For dinner (4pm–close), the minimum is $400.

If you do not hit the minimum by the end of your meal (before taxes and gratuities),  the host of the event will be charged the remainder of the balance and given a gift certificate for that amount for future dining.